We’ve Been Nominated For Best Dating Book!!

Well, we are just floating on Cloud Nine today. Mariann and I just heard that we were nominated for Best Dating Book by GreatDatingBlogs.com! We’re hoping you all will head on over there, scroll down to the Best Dating Book category and cast your vote for LifeBytes, Real Stories.

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This news couldn’t have come at a better time for us. We are moving ahead nicely with reviewing stories and making decisions on chapters, choices, and more. Yes, it still is slow-going, but in the end I think we’ll have an amazing and completely unique collection of “mini-memoirs” that will entertain you whether you’re single or not. Mariann and I are so excited to see this project take shape. Through the unique voices of all of the author’s we’re considering, we’re noticing LifeBytes, Real Stories of Online Dating beginning to develop a voice of it’s own…SO excited to see this happening.

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Well, that said, we are still looking for strong (and by that we mean sparkling, jump off the page, well-written tales) to finish rounding out our collection of tales. So, if you are a writer, blogger, or an online dater with a great story to tell. Please submit them to us. We read, re-read, discuss and review every submission we receive.

All About Our Dating Book

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We are looking for tales about the funny, crazy dates you’ve had, an on or offline affair you may have had. We’ll have a section of cautionary tales, so if you’ve had a scary experience -write! We’re also looking for sexy, steamy, gently erotic stories and of course love stories. Bloggers take note: We are considering a section devoted ENTIRELY to bloggers’ online dating experiences (not dating advice posts or a how-to post, but a story about a personal online dating experience you’ve had)!

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Oh and VOTE… please vote.

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Oh and one more thing. Visit our latest post on Singles Warehouse too (we love those guys!)

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Dating a Star Trek Geek

I have dated the bad guy, the good guy, and pretty much every type in between. OK, so I go for the nice guy, but that won’t be news to our readers. But, I think my new year’s resolution is going to date more geeks. Geeks are a bit quirky but there are benefits to dating one. I love biographies, comedies and love stories. Not so long ago, I met someone who is very techie — there is nothing he didn’t know or couldn’t fix. But, he loved everything about Star Trek — he was a Star Trek Geek. I admit it, I saw a couple of episodes with William Shattner, but allegedly, there are new series and all kinds of Star Trek movies. :-) I was introduced to a few, but I still love my romantic comedies and dramas!

His birthday came around and he was not a materialistic person and not into all the trappings of life. I was thinking a spa appointment but his face scrunched up really funny to make me re-think that decision. He had one weakness … STAR TREK. I kept getting Star Wars and Star Trek mixed up — he hated that. He was a true Star Trek purist. His passion about Star Trek was so over the top, that I realized, I had to get him something Star Trek centric. But where to go? I discovered www.startrekgeeks.com. What a find this site was. It had every type of Star Trek paraphenalia you can imagine from common and affordable to rare — and still affordable. I ordered a few items from StarTrekGeeks and hoped for the best.

We went to a great Irish pub for dinner and I then bestowed his Star Trek goody bag upon him. His face lit up. I think he was just so happy that I did not get Star War items. LOL. ;-) All the items were a hit and he seemed glad that I listened and actually respected that he had such a passion for something and I thought enough to support that.

I will not ever be a Star Trek fan, but I was a fan of someone who was and that is what mattered. My StarTrekGeek was cute and sweet and nice and did something so few men do … he asked questions. That alone sent me into the stratosphere … I think it was the Starship Enterprise that took me there! (Do I have that right! :))

My relationship with my Star Trek Geek did not last, but we remain good friends. Christmas is approaching, and I know I will go back to www.startrekgeeks.com where I know I will find something special for someone who is now a special (Star Trek loving) friend. Altho, I may throw in something that is Star Wars oriented — just to throw him off just a bit!

Beam me up Scotty!

Dating, Love And Creativity

Dating, Love And CreativityAs a designer I love reading about and analyzing the work of other designers. As a writer and dating blogger my other big thrill comes from hearing about the dating adventures and, often creative, paths that people take from single to committed. So I really hit the creative/dating/love lottery the other day when I found this wedding invitation website.

I just thought this was charming and clever and so beautifully designed. They’re designers themselves who met on Match.com and I love the way they use illustrations, a story line, and interactivity to take you through their personal dating and love story! Take a few minutes to read through the site, I think you’ll enjoy it too.

What is it about love and a great relationship that brings out the creative and charming sides of us? I think it’s the happy endorphins, I really do. Even traditional wedding invitations have become personal statements about the bride and groom and their lives. I have a designer friend who’s business is invitation design. I love to cruise on over to her site, Thinking Paper, occasionally to see what she’s been up to lately.

Do you find you become more creative when you’re “in love” or even just infatuated with someone? I know when I’m really into someone I make more of an effort to plan fun and sometimes romantic dates. I can’t just bake cookies for my guy, I have to decorate them too…and I’m not a baker so this is HUGE for me!

Do you get more creative when you’re with someone special? Is this something you’ve ever pondered (or am I the only one who has too much time on my hands when it comes to dating and love?…LOL) I’d love to hear about your creative date ideas, charming marriage proposals, that grand romantic gesture that won your heart. I am SO in the mood for a good love story..:)


Sexy Emails – Titillating or Too Far?

I love to write and especially communicate via email. If someone can write a good email, I can be easily smitten. That to me is … sexy. Yes, I know, perhaps my sense of sexy is skewed. But, I love men who can communicate via email and converse in person.

Today, many women are sending very sexy emails to their new online interest that do not seem to match the level of their relationship. Are these sexy emails titillating or going too far? And, doing with this with someone you have not even met yet, can be a cause for safety. I find that when you meet someone online, the tone and direction of the emails can be very different from one to the other. In a few cases, I have met people who are very flirty on line and some have sent some very sexy emails. I don’t mind some flirting … but I don’t really care for those guys who are blatant and start asking intimately personal questions or offer the specifics of “what they like” before I even know them. To me, that is crossing the line of TMI and appropriate. (Sharon may disagree with me here, but she is still re-reading 50 shades of gray every week! :-))

For me … that is too much too soon. I need to meet the person … get to know them … see if there is chemistry … and then develop trust to share anything more than basic info or a joke or banter.

As much as I like to write, I prefer a flirty or double entendre email with an overlay of humor over an overtly sexual email. I have friends who are very different and will get down and dirty very quickly.

So, I often wonder, how sexy is too sexy? I would rather get to know someone and then send them a card or plan and do something different and romantic.

I once dated this guy who I was incredibly attracted to and after the 2nd date, he started to send me very suggestive emails. It made me feel uncomfortable. OK, I get it … I am not like most people. I just felt like we did not have the trust elements really established and I felt odd about sharing something with him that I was not ready or felt secure enough to. Initially, I did my humor and LOL schtick. But, he persisted. When he asked me what underwear I wore, I was tempted to give him the manufacturer name and style number, but alas did not. I was overseas for an extended business trip and I would have preferred to be on a date with him than in a Shanghai hotel room eating what I thought was pizza. I wrote back something sweet … and was my version of sexy … which, well wasn’t really.

In the next email, he went further and I decided I did not like the graphic nature of the email or where he was guiding it. I told him so and said that it made me uncomfortable. He disappointed me in his response and did not email me again. That was fine — it said a lot. We did not see each other again.

But, flirty and sexy emails can certainly help the relationship in letting the person know you are thinking about them or to keep it a bit spicy. And that level will be different for each person.

But, what is the sexiest email you ever received? Let us know. MARIANN

Body Sounds – Natural or Disgusting?

Yes, I know, we are all human and we make sounds and have the same body functions. But why oh why are some people more obsessed about it and why do they bring more attention to it?

Look, we all burp and sigh and exhale gas and that annoying sound or smell can be noticed and IS embarrassing. When it happens, I try not to make a big deal out of it for myself or the person I am with.

But, some people choose to bring attention to it and even highlight it. Why? Do they think it is sexy? Annoying? Are they trying to say they are human too?

But recently, I have been around dates that are so open about their bodily functions, sounds and smells, that they leave nothing to the imagination and there is no sense of modesty. Now look, we have all been there when we eat something we perhaps should not on a date and the person’s breath smells or they exhale a smelly gas. I understand it is embarrassing. If I sense they are, I will make nothing of it and move on. But, some people seem to wear their sounds and smells like a badge of honor.

For those who think it is … I am here to tell you … It is not. It kills romance and it is not sexy. There is enough time to become comfortable. Why destroy the mystery too soon?

If you think the humor of it will diffuse embarrassment — think again! It won’t. It is one thing to apologize or make a comment but it is another thing to make a circus out of it.

So, think twice before you say anything. Because by speaking you could take something natural and make it disgusting. Don’t. It will help you in your dating life! Let me know if I am right … or wrong!