You’re GIRLS…Whadda You Know?

your-girls-whadda-you-knoWe’ve been getting a lot of interesting feedback on “The Man Plan™”, most of it really positive, and we’re happy about that. Some of it has been, while not bad, let’s say…skeptical. As in, you’re GIRLS…whadda you know? One comment in particular was right to the point. It was on our Facebook page and posted shortly after we published. A young man we’ll call “Paulie” posted this: “It’s written by two women. FAIL”. I laughed out loud when I read that. If WOMEN can’t tell you what women like on a date, then who can?

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OK, it was a snarky comment and most likely posted by someone who hadn’t read the book and hey, if “Paulie”, has exemplary date planning skills and doesn’t need a reference book (a charmingly written one too, if I do say so myself :), then more power to him…hope his girlfriend agrees with his skills.

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Truth is, we wrote this not because men are completely clueless when planning a date (OK, some men are…LOL) but because everyone needs a little push in a more creative direction once in a while. We’ve done our share of planning dates for our guys and it’s hard, we know it is. Sometimes it’s just easier to fall back on the corner pub for bite to eat every single Friday night than it is to search out a new and exciting place for a casual weekend meal with your sweetie. And we do know that after all it’s the company that can really make or break a date…but nothing beats a little creative and customized date planning to win a woman’s heart, and keep it won.

If You Only Knew What Girls Knew

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How do we know this? We’re girls…duh. Guys, if you could be a fly on the wall when a few of us get together to talk about our all time favorite dates and why we thought they were great times, you’d not only buy “The Man Plan”…you’d MEMORIZE it! I think there’s something in the female DNA that lights up when our men take the time to listen to us, plan dates around what they know we’ll like, and basically just show us in little ways that we’re important to them. We do that for you. Have you noticed? That’s why we cook your favorite meals and buy you tickets to “the game”. We listen, and we care.

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Years ago, when my son was about twelve or so, he went on a field trip with his class. When he came home he told me that when they arrived he helped one of his female classmates step down out of the bus. Such a gentleman, I was bursting with pride…:) Then he went on to complain that she followed him around ALL DAY!!! Okay, so that’s where I started laughing. I told him he’d stumbled on The Secret. If you’re nice to a girl and show her a little gallantry…she will adore you. I told him the trick was to 1. Be a gentleman with all women and 2. When you meet that special girl, you’ll know exactly how to treat her and win her heart. He must have listened because he now, as an adult, has a lovely girlfriend…and he knows how to plan a date.

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So yeah guys, we know what we’re talking about when it comes to date planning!

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Speed Dating: Genius Or Gimmick

speed-datingGetting to know someone takes time. You need to feel the chemistry and talk several times before you realize this person might not be for you. Then I tried speed dating. I discovered that Speed Dating is not a gimmick … it is genius. I wish I had thought of it. It’s a great way to lead to a first date.

Speed Dating Is Genius

Speed dating has taken many forms from 3 minutes to the more well-know “8 minute dating.” People sign up and the women stay seated and the man rotates to the next seat after the designated time. You have a card and you mark whether you would want to go on a date with him. He keeps the same card. After the evening, the organizer will check your cards. If there is a match where you both said YES, then each are provided with the other’s contact info. Simple. Easy. Genius.


I have been to 3 minutes dating, 7 minute dating and 8 minute dating. I think if they go under a minute, then it is a scam! Luckily, I have not seen that advertised YET! The 3 minutes was a little short. You basically exchanged your name, where you lived and what you did before you had to move on. I think the 7 or 8 minute dating experience is the best.

Listen To Your Gut Instinct

Shockingly, I found that in 7 minutes I could get an overall “take” on the guy … if he was a player or sincere or nice or genuine. I was extremely skeptical going into this new dating adventure. But, in 7 minutes, I came away with a strong feeling as to whether I wanted to get to know this person on a longer date or not. One time, after 3 minutes, all I could think was “OMG, I still have 4 more minutes. Shoot me!” And, yet other times, I was terribly disappointed when 8 minutes were up because I was really enjoying the easy conversation.
Speed dating is not for everyone. But, it is fun and you should try it. You might be surprised. These events tend to fill quickly and of course, they are always short men for these events. But, one aspect I like is that people usually meet at a bar and can talk before and afterward. So, if there was someone who caught your eye … you have a chance to talk to them. One time a bunch of us all hit it off and went bar hopping in NYC and had a really fun time. So much so, the parking lot I parked my car in was closed when I got there. But, that’s another story!


The Best Date I Ever Had

best-date-everSince the publication of “The Man Plan – A Guy’s Guide To Planning The Perfect Date”, I’ve received many questions about my personal dating experiences. The most popular one being, Whats the best date you ever had?

The Best. Date. Ever.

Easy…it was a date I had a few years ago. A first date which lead to a serious relationship that lasted a few years. I had met M. on We emailed a bit, spoke on the phone and made plans to meet at a local bar/restaurant. Typical first internet date – drinks at the bar and then, if we hit it off, dinner. What made this date special, other than the fact that it untypically led to a real relationship, was the thought and caring that M. put into this date.

First and most importantly he actually read my profile, which was so refreshing after countless dates with men who obviously only looked at photos and barely skimmed my essay. M. was waiting for me at the bar with a glass of Pinot Grigio poured and ready for me because I’d mentioned my preference for Pinot in my profile. I was impressed. Take note guys – we notice these things!

He came to the date with an amazingly positive attitude. He arrived early, reserved a quiet corner table for us and left a bouquet of flowers there for me to find when we were seated. I was charmed. Take note again guys – we love to be charmed! During dinner I asked him what he would have done had we not made it all the way to having dinner together and he said he’d have given them to the hostess, since it was so nice of her to hold a table for us. This was also a plus in my book, a thoughtful man is a good man.

Thoughtful Date Planning

So you see that was a great date, not because of where we were or what we did, but because of the obvious care taken in planning the date. Which is really at the heart of THE MAN PLAN. We so want men to understand this and take even the most average date nights to a new and special level. Women notice and appreciate the fact that you’ve listened to us, made note of what we like or don’t like and then incorporated that into your date planning. To a woman this really shows us that our man cares about us and about what makes us happy, and no, this is not one sided. We do listen to you and, when you are the man we care for, we try to make you happy with planning dates and activities around that knowledge. Now…what’s the best date you ever had?


How Exciting Is THAT?

how-exciting-is-thatThis week we have our first “Meet And Greet” the authors and book signing! How exciting is that? If you’re in the Northern New Jersey area please stop in at Morton’s at Riverside Square in Hackensack from 1 to 3pm. We’d love to meet you and say hi! Of course the shopping isn’t too shabby there either…LOL. Anyway, Mariann and I are very excited about this (and a huge thank you to Maria Nigro for setting this up for us!) as we love nothing better these days than talking about The Man Plan™. You know we’re going to have some great stories to share!

Reviews!…How Exciting

We’re also thrilled that readers and bloggers are discovering The Man Plan and sending us great reviews and feedback. We were recently reviewed on Who Needs Happily Ever After, and Online Dating University. Many thanks to both! You’ll be able to find links to these and any upcoming reviews on our News page, which is getting fuller by the day…And how exciting is that?

We recently completed a book giveaway on, which is fast becoming a favorite site of mine! As a writer and avid reader I’m loving the “book club” feel of the site. The members are very active with recommending books and posting their ratings and reviews of books they’ve read. If you’re as into books as I am, I would highly recommend this site. Oh…and you could leave a review of The Man Plan there…if you want ;)

We’ll be posting more news about The Man Plan™ and our upcoming appearances as we go along. We’ll also be posting news on Twitter. You can follow us at @LifeByteStory.

Till next time…hugs to all!