Top 5 Ways To Change Your Look

top-5-ways-to-change-your-lookChange is OK. I don’t know about you, but sometimes life gets too routine and I get in a rut and I resist all change. That is bad. Thankfully, I have friends and family who encourage change and stepping outside my comfort zone. So, change your look and then go on a great date.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

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Changing your look does not have to be drastic. You can make changes that are subtle but make you feel good. No, you don’t have to change your preppy style to punk and dye your hair pink … unless you want to. One time, I got my hair colored. The colorist made a mistake and my hair went from strawberry blond to a deep maroon red. OMG. I was horrified. I was going out that evening and wanted to look good. I had friends meeting me in NYC and it was too late to cancel, so I had to go to the event. On top of that, my car would not start coming out of the hair salon. I called my mother and asked her to pick me up. I said, “My hair came out a little too red. Just look for the dark red maroon girl on the corner.” My mom laughed. I guess she thought I was joking. She realized I was not when she passed me and did not recognize me. She picked me up and my mother, who was quite honest, looked shocked exclaiming, “what the hell happened to you?” I told her I would have to wait a day or two to get my hair fixed. She said, “well, you’re not going out looking like that tonight are you?” I said, “I have to. Everyone is on their way in.” She nodded her head and said with funny sarcasm as only my mom could, “well, you got a lot of guts.”

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Change is good…Keep life dynamic and enjoy it.

It’s OK To Push The Boundaries Of Your Comfort Zone!

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I went to my event and my friends … and several guys LOVED my new hair. I was shocked. I was so outside my comfort zone, I was very uncomfortable. But, the reaction was quite opposite to that of my mother. The lesson I learned is that you can always change things back and whether it is a big or little change – just go for it! See how you feel and what kind of reaction you get.

Take Assessments Of Your Life and Style

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Change is good. Don’t fear change. Keep life dynamic and enjoy it. The worst that happens is … you don’t like the change and go back to what you had or change it again.

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Here are 5 ways you can change your look:

  1. Try a new hairstyle! Or, get a new color for your hair!
  2. Fashion a “new look” with your clothes. Go to a local or specialized department store and seek out a stylist who can introduce you to something new.
  3. Try a new a makeup scheme. Go to a makeup artist at a department store and try new colors and application style.
  4. Instead of wearing glasses – get tinted contacts.
  5. Walk with confidence. How you present yourself in your walk, hand movements and body language speaks volumes. Beware that how you carry yourself presents how you want to be perceived.

Be A Confident You

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Change is not easy but it can be what you need to get you to where you need to be in life, love and career! So, stop worrying and go for a change!

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Opposites Attract – Truth Or Myth?

opposites-attractI have to be honest, I think the theory that opposites attract is a hoax. Diversity is great. Being opposite is great … when you are friends and can have time away from each other. But, when I go on a date I want to know that we are in sync.  And many times, this is not with a person who is my opposite.

How Opposite Is Opposite

If your core values are aligned but say your habits or interests are opposite, then that is different than being completely opposite. I am a night owl and have dated men who are morning people. Is that opposite? Yes. Is it so opposite that you can’t find a way to work around it and compromise? No.  I have dated men who have completely opposite views to me about religion, life values and raising a family and when I am looking at taking a life long path with someone, it is important that we have a common foundation and agreement on key elements.

Sure, we don’t want to date a clone of ourselves. OK, so maybe a few narcissists we know do! But, having differences are important and necessary to keep growing and learning together. This only helps keep the relationship fresh. Being diverse is OK. You can remain an individual while at the same time, share in being a couple.

Share In Your Partners Interests

Not sure you like fishing? It’s OK. If your man loves then what does it cost you to try it? Nothing. The worst that happens is that it is not for you but at least you get alone time with your guy … and a few fish. But, you may love it and find it is something you can bond together over. And bonding is a good thing. I dated someone who was a stamp collector. Was that exciting to me? No. I did go to some stamp shows and had fun and tried to learn and wound up enjoying myself. It made me happy that he was happy that I was open to at least seeing what his interest was about!


Love Online…How Many Dating Sites Should You Join?

how-many-dating-sites-are-you-onYou want to date or get married so you have decided to look for love online. Good for you!  But, for full exposure, you wonder if it best to try more than one site. Yes, it would be! Now comes the big question, “how many dating sites should you join?” It’s a great question and something you should look at strategically.

Be Strategic About Finding Love Online

I strongly recommend going on a paid site. It filters out a lot of the cheap people, those who can’t afford it and many times, married men. If money is a bit tight, then try a site that is free and another that is a paid membership. Think about your objectives and who you want to meet. Do you have any special interests that are really important to you? If you do, there is a probably a dating site out there for you.

Go Popular And Special Interest

Some online dating sites have a lot of members and are well established in their reputation. For example, and and and and . They draw a very diverse group of people. So, join one of them for good exposure. I will caution you; sometimes people on these sites are serial daters and once they meet someone no matter how great they are, will move onto the next person. Be prepared to deal with many with that mentality.

Definitely try a niche site that more closely aligns with an interest or value. For example, do you love dogs? Adventure? Working out & fitness? Into your religion? Republican or Democrat? Whatever your interest, there is a dating site that will try to bring together singles with that interest.

Don’t Forget To Get Out And Meet People

Online dating is great. But, don’t forget to get out from behind the computer screen and meet people. Join a club, charity, church, political organization, hiking club, cooking class or sign up for a outing. Having more than one venue to meet someone increases your exposure and your chances of meeting someone!