Advice from The Man Plan: How Romantic Do You Want To Be?

There is a fine line between a romantic gesture and going so over the top you make your date uncomfortable. Again, where you are in the relationship will dictate your level of romance.

If it is a first date we suggest something subtle and not obvious. We know one red rose is considered cliché, but it is actually quite sweet and romantic. If you have both shared a joke or something meaningful in your emails or phone conversations, then taking action around that would be appropriate. For example, Mariann loves “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”. She always cried when Yukon Cornelius went into the abyss with the Bumble. “you do realize finally they don’t die, right?” And, yes, Bumbles bounce, so Yukon Cornelius lived and so did the Bumble, which was great because he was tall enough to put the star on the tree back at the North Pole. It was Christmas time and Mariann was corresponding with someone on-line who was a big movie buff. She had a few email exchanges about favorite movie lines and she said her 2 favorite movie lines were, “Bumbles bounce,” and “Lookey what he can do” (spoken by Yukon Cornelius when the Bumble put the star on the tree at the end of the movie). They met in New York City for their date and he brought a snow globe of the Bumble placing the star on the tree. She thought that was so funny and thoughtful and made her want to give him a chance because he seemed to have a good heart. The relationship didn’t last, but the gesture was kind and romantic.

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In another on-line exchange, Mariann met someone who called himself Three-A-Mangos. They emailed a few jokes about mangos and she laughed laughing and thinking he was sweet when he told her after dinner that he had a girlfriend and hoped they could have a threesome. Yeah, Mariann wishes she was joking on that one too but, unfortunately not! She walked out and told him to keep his mangos. If in doubt, refer to Chapter 6 (Organize Your Talking Points) on appropriate date conversation.

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A small bouquet of flowers always works, as many women are a sucker for flowers. You have to decide if you want to have a romantic gesture on the date. If you don’t, that’s is not necessary or may make you uncomfortable. You can always amp up the romance if you continue to date. If you feel a connection and want to make a gesture, all you have to do is acknowledge something that has meaning to her or both of you. And, if you can’t come up with anything then go with the flower!

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On your first date don’t go overboard with gifts. This is a date, not Christmas. So serenading that lady with a singer and violin and jewelry at dessert might be too much. Roll it back a bit – OK, a lot! If you are dating for any time, any romantic gesture is always appreciated and could land her in your arms or your bed! If you do too much, then it takes away from the special feeling a sweet and simple gesture can bring. Your romantic gestures should have a surprise or sincere element and not be expected.

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Click here for your complete guide to planning a date, including over 200 date ideas! Ladies, it’s the perfect gift for the man in your life.

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