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Simple Ways To Say I Love You

I like 5-star and my ideas tend to be “big” and “fun.” Someone recently told me, “it’s not the cost; it’s the message and thought. I love the little things more than the grand gestures.” So, I have been trying to work on perhaps doing more of the simple ways to say “I Love You” and show someone that I am thinking about them or love them.

Take A Moment Of Your Time

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I get very busy and focused when I am with family or at work. Many hours can pass before I think to connect with the person I am dating. So, it takes but a few seconds to send someone a text that says “I love you” or “I am thinking about you” or “I miss you” or “can’t wait to see you.” I don’t do this and yet I like when I receive those texts. You have to find the balance and make sure you do not OVER text someone where what you say is said so much it loses it meaning OR that you are texting in lieu of a conversation or in person meeting.

You Don’t Have To Break The Bank

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You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to let someone know you are glad you are with them. Send them a card in the mail with a hand written note about how your life is better with them in it (or even an e-card). Or, for one week, mail them a card each day. This can range from free to a couple of dollars. Get one red rose or one chocolate rose and drop it off at work or leave it at their door for when they get home from work. These are all inexpensive and simple ways to say I LOVE YOU!

Simple Way to Say I Love You = It’s The Gesture That Counts

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Is your amore sick? Why not buy their favorite soup and bring it to them? Are you supposed to meet for dinner and they are running late? Just text them that you will pick up dinner and take care of everything. Are they racing home from work to pick up dry cleaning and are stuck in traffic? Well, offer to pick it up for them. That relieves a stress and helps them out. They most important message here is to show that you care and are there for them. Perhaps you were antique shopping and there were earrings she loved. Buy them and when she is feeling down and needs a little cheering up, surprise her with the earrings. She will love the thoughtfulness and the timing.

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If you are a couple and living together, leave a sexy photo or sexy note in their computer bag. Or, just surprise them when they get home with a fully prepared meal … or a sexy evening in the bedroom (rose petals, truffles, music, candles, champagne … you get the idea).

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Again, think of little thoughtful ways to convey your feelings that don’t empty your savings or takes up too much time in an already too busy schedule. Try it. It works!

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Talking To Strangers – Online Dating Safety

Online dating safety … we’re aware of it, talk about it, worry about it … until we meet an online profile that ignites our fantasies about this guy maybe being “the one”. Which is why Mariann and I have written several articles about personal safety, and why it bears repeating yet again.

Online dating can be frustrating but also loads of fun, you get to meet men you’d otherwise never know and have an interesting conversation and a cocktail or two. You also have to wade your way through piles of s**t – men who have been let out of the lunatic asylum waaaay too soon. Those are the ones that eventually find value in the hysterically funny stories you will turn them into to entertain your friends. I personally am considering charging a small entertainment fee at the next party I attend … I usually have everyone in stitches by the end of the night!

Online Dating Safety First

Of course the dark side of online dating is that there are men out there who are scammers, married, or potential rapists – or worse. Depending on what you read, you’ll hear that anywhere between 1 out of every 10 or greater online profiles are fake. Scary thoughts. It takes a gutsy girl to be dating online. It also takes a smart girl. You can date safely online if you always, always, always, keep your personal safety foremost in your mind at all times. Live by these basic, easy to follow rules even if – no, especially if his profile photo and writeup sound ideal.

1. Never give out personal information – all your potential date needs to know is your first name and how to reach you, either a cell number or email address. It’s also not a bad idea to have a separate email account just for online dating communication.

2. Make sure you meet the person – sounds silly right? After all aren’t we on dating sites to do just that? Scammers, ones who will eventually talk you into sending them the contents of your bank accounts or are just Catfishing, will do everything they can to avoid meeting in person. If someone is putting off a meeting stop communicating with them.

3. Meet in a well-lit, preferably crowded public place – You will feel safer, you will be safer… and tell a friend or two where and when you’re meeting and text them when you get home to let them know that all went well.

4. Trust your instincts – If someone sounds odd online or over the phone please do not make plans to meet them. If you meet someone and they are saying or doing anything at all that makes you uncomfortable, end the date and leave. Text that friend who knows where you are to meet you there to walk you to your car. Those hairs that raise up on the back of your neck when danger is near? Heed them.

5. Remember that it’s OK to be single – Most of the stories I hear about online dating-turned-dark comes from singles who desperately want to meet someone. So desperately that they let their guard down and hook up with the wrong person. Embrace and enjoy your single-ness, find friends and hobbies and things to do that you love because not only will you be a smarter dater, that confidence you now have in you could just attract the right person.

Date safe, date happy my friends.


Sex … Sex … Sex

You are in love and horny and you can’t get enough of your amore. That is a great problem to have. Why not show them just how much you want and desire them? These sure fire suggestions will lead to sex sex sex … and more sex.

Create Romance

It is important to let the focus of your love know you love them and accept them and want to be with them. So, pick ambiences or venues that promote romance and sexiness. Everyone has a different idea of romantic. For me, it is sexy, smooth music and a warmly lit atmosphere that allows privacy and is not loud.

Build Anticipation

It is imperative you build up to your sexy adventure. You can do that easily with teasing texts, a picture, and erotic poem. Leave a sexy voicemail with messages that you are “hot” for them or counting the minutes you can be with them. You can be as specific in your descriptions as you like. You know what your better half likes, so act accordingly. Send them a bouquet of flowers. Want to make it more of a mystery? Then, don’t tell them what you have planned and leave hints throughout the day or in the week up to your night out. If your mate loves wine, why not find a winery that will custom label wines for you with whatever name/title you want. Nice to have a wine named after you! If you are creative and want to do something that is more involved, why not a sexy treasure hunt?

Be Bold And Bolder

There are several things you can do to have a sexy date or weekend. For example, you can have a couple’s spa afternoon. You can visit a sex museum in a city near you. You can get a beautiful suite with a great view and have the room prepared with rose petals, chocolates, champagne, sexy lingerie and soft music and order room service and just spend the day in bed. Want something a bit naughtier? Go to a sex shop or sexy toy store together and buy some things you can use in the privacy of your own room.  Search the internet for some sexy games and see who wins. If it leads to making love, then you will both win for sure. For those couples with a sweet tooth, why not order an erotic cake or dessert from a bakery that specializes in those delectable delights. If you want very extreme, you can certainly visit a strip club, sex club or S&M club. There is plenty out there to have the evening being as naughty and sexy or romantic as you want it to be.


Dating Resolutions

It’s time for some dating resolutions. I refuse to call them New Year’s resolutions because really, who ever keeps those for longer than a week! We can make resolutions, or promises to ourselves, at any time. The key is to keep them and put them into action. A well-intentioned resolution, one that you’ve thought through and sincerely believe in, can change your attitude and oftentimes your life.

Based on some of my and my friends’ current frustrations with online dating, I’ve come up with a list of dating resolutions for your consideration. Please feel free to discuss, add to, complain about, laugh at, or parody on YouTube the following:

Dating Resolutions – Resolved:

  1. I will go after what I want. Ladies, this one is for you. If you want to meet men who fit your criteria (more about that later), live in driving distance, and are not lunatics you must make the first move online. The odds are NOT in your favor. The sad fact is that there are many more women dating online than there are men. Also, the men who date online tend to be somewhat shyer than the type of guy you’d meet at the corner pub or other public place – but that’s a good thing. You remember the type of guys you used to meet at bars, right? It’s why you decided to try the online route! If you keep waiting for “the right guy” to notice your charming photos and contact you then you will be continually frustrated by notes from guys who live 500 miles away, can’t spell, look like your grandfather, or are obvious Catfish. Read those profiles carefully to weed out the bad apples and contact the guys who seem the most sincere!
  2. I will remember that the name of the game is to MEET people I contact. Gentlemen…. AHEM…. this one is for you. From my experience, the current trend in online dating seems to be one of emailing incessantly but never actually setting up a date to meet. I for one am not dating online to find a lifelong pen pal. I want to actually meet you…in person. I’m not sure what the issue is here guys, you’ll have to fill me in on this. Getting to know someone over a drink or a cup of coffee isn’t painful, it should be the first goal when meeting online.
  3. I will go out of my “must haves” comfort zone. In fact, make it a point to go out of your “type” comfort zone entirely. Most of us have long lists of what we require in a date and most of those requirements will fly out the window when we meet someone to whom we’re instantly attracted. STOP arguing with me…you know it’s true! Give singles who are not your usual type a chance. Go out for coffee or a drink with someone who JUST sounds as if they’d be fun or interesting to talk to. It will open up the field of possibilities and you might be surprised at the outcome.
  4. I will be smart and safe. If you are an intelligent adult you most likely already do this, but it always bears repeating. Remember that there are many nefarious types online, preying on lonely singles. You are smart enough to weed out the baddies. Meet in a public well-lit place, do not give out personal data like addresses, etc. until you’ve seen someone a couple of times and have done at least a Google search on them. Learn to spot a Catfish; it’s not hard most of them are pitifully obvious if you know what to look for.

So these are my top resolutions for dating online. Feel free to argue about any of them or add to the list if you want. Me? I have a date tonight with an out-of-my-must-have-zone-willing-to-meet-in-person-hopefully-not-catfishy-guy-who-I-contacted-first. I’ll let you know how it goes ;)

Sharon Sommerhalter