Is Perfection Perfect?

OK. So in my mind, I think I am perfect. But, the raw truth is that I am not perfect … as much as I would like to convice myself of the contrary. I am a perfectionist and I seek perfection in others. So, why am I disappointed when others are not perfect? People in glass houses can’t throw stones. Am I holding onto unreal expectations and in essence setting others up to fail so that when something goes wrong, I have a very good reason to walk away from somone or something?

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Please. Please. Don’t all yell out your answers at once. LOL

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I have my faults and yet I want people to forgive me of those.

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Don’t we all have something wrong with us in one way or another?

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Yes, there are certain things I won’t put up with … violence, abuse, cheapness, no manners, lying and no ambition.

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What is perfection? Are we talking about physical? Intelligence? Character? Integrity?
Someone corresponded with me and he confided about something physical. To me … It was exterior and not important. It was not an indicator of what was inside the person.

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To not write back or dismiss him would certainly be shallow and callous and why should I penalize someone for something beyond their control? One could say I don’t meet their height limit (out of my control) and therefore they don’t want to meet me. I would get mad and insulted and wonder what kind of a jerk they were for looking at something so superflous.

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I had a realization that I too was not really perfect. Who is? I chose to get to know a person who had a nice perspective on life, a good sense of humor, a cute smile, and a nice heart. Maybe whatever he dealt with in life, is what gave him strength and confidence and courage and the ability to look into one’s heart. I hope he can look past my one imperfection (ok, ok … some of my imperfections).

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We met. He is a very nice man and I only see a nice, confident and decent human being.

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Perfection is all subjective.

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Is there something that is a deal breaker for you?
Is perfection over rated?
And, does our desire for perfection only lead to inevitable disappointment?
I think a good heart, humor and integrity are the most important things a person can have.
But, let me know your thoughts.

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Dating & Gift Giving – A Call for Advice

Calling all LifeBytes readers! I need your help.

Do I give a Christmas gift to the new guy I am dating? Giving something seems appropriate but am not sure what kind of gift to give? What to spend?

Not sure what to do and would appreciate your recommendations.

Background – nice person. Been on 7 dates over 2 months.

Now … my nature is to go overboard and be overly generous, so I have to curtail my initial instinct. Do I get a couple of joke type gifts and one nice item or several nice items?

Should I impose a limit on myself? Or, have a couple of back up gifts I bring out when I see what he gets me?

One friend told me I should just ASK him if we should exchange and should we have a limit. That is totally sensible but it seems wierd for me to ask something like that.

Please share your opinions. I need some guidance.

And, since it is the Christmas season and you may be looking for some interesting and personalized ideas for that special girl in your life. I would strongly suggest a custom soap goody bag from

They make beautiful baskets and their products are luxurious.
Actually, when the LifeBytes Fan Page reaches 100 subscribers, we are going to send a Reef Botanicals basket to a random winner and we are sure you will enjoy it. Sharon and I look forward to reaching 100 subscribers soon.

Thanks LifeBytes readers!

Mariann / Sharon

Q & A Day: Little White Age Lies and Hotel Rooms

Q & A WednesdayQUESTION:
Met this girl online. She is really cute and very nice. Online she was 33. I am 32. I just learned she is 37. I hate a liar but I know girls lie about their age… but 5 years?? I don’t know what to do. I like her but hate she lied by 5 years.

If you knew this girl was 37 from the beginning would you have given her a chance? That is the key question. I don’t condone lying and I can understand shaving a couple of years from one’s online age, but 5 years is substantial especially if you are looking to start a family with this person. But, sometimes we look at the number too closely and not the person, character or chemistry we could have with that person. We could miss out on the love of our life because they fell outside some idea we have on an age parameter. Some of the strongest marriages and relationships I know have 10-20 years between partners. Also, for privacy protection, it is recommended that people do not give the exact date or year they were born because if their account is hacked, it will be easier to have their identity stolen. So, I can understand some people changing some information slightly.

Also, how long were you dating before she told you? If it was a year, well that is unacceptable. But, if you were only dating for a couple of months and she came clean, then I think you should give her a chance. If you are attracted to her, find her fun and interesting and loving and you both get along ,then do you realize how lucky you are to have met someone where so many elements of chemistry have fallen into place? Are you going to let a few extra years between the 2 of you keep you from being with the one you love? Now, if you had a laundrey list of items she lied about, then that means she is a chronic liar and you don’t need that in your life and you should move on. To quote Cher from Moonstruck, “Get Over It.”


Five years huh? Not that much really. Definitely not enough to be considered a Cougar (that’s eight years minimum). Many men (not necessarily you…but, you know, those other guys ;) won’t look at a woman’s profile unless she’s at least 10 years younger than they are. There is no comparable Cougar-like term for men like this…pisses me off…just sayin’. Why do they do this? Apparently they don’t look in mirrors often and truly believe that they can wear a Speedo and get away with it. This is what women have to deal with online. So she’s either A. Trying to knock some sense into the idiots online or B. Just a raving, insane liar. Find out if she lies about everything. If she does run (don’t walk) away. If not it’s B and you should be glad to have found great chemistry with her.

One man I met on line lives about 500 miles away. He is flying in for the weekend and told me what hotel he was staying in and said he would text me his room number and suggested I go to his room to meet him and then we can go out from there. All signs indicate that he is nice, but I just feel uncomfortable going to his room first. Should I just agree or insist he meet me in the lobby.

These are the rules: if you feel uncomfortable – don’t do it. If you feel comfortable – do it. He’s visiting YOU. This means that as the host of the weekend, you are in the driver’s seat. I take it you’ve emailed and talked on the phone? (I hope so, even I’m not nutty enough to meet someone just on a headshot alone!) So meet him in the lobby. Have a drink. Have dinner. Have sex at your own risk…you don’t KNOW him that well. If he insists on meeting you in his room then I think you should send your football-player cousin “Bubba” up to meet him. Hide in the hall and you may get the best laughs of your life!!! Please send me pictures if you do.

You sound like you are afraid to offend him. You should look at this from the perspective of … is what he is proposing offensive to you? I am just glad that Sharon is not giving you some advice that entails ways to disrobe. In this case, I agree with her. You are a grown woman and you should only do what you feel comfortable with and if that means meeting your date in the lobby, then he should respect your wishes and be a gentleman and honor your caution. If he does not and is insistent then do not meet him and move away and on as quickly as possible. Good Luck.

Q & A Day: Mommies & Control Freaks

Q & A WednesdayQUESTION:
My mother put a profile on line … FOR ME. Help. I love her, but do not want her to be my pimp or my matchmaker. She writes the first email to or first response and then hands me the reins. How do I tell her to stop?

First, log onto the dating site and CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. Do not….do not….do not…tell your mother the new password. Okay, maybe that would be a little harsh – it’s always a good idea to not alienate the parental unit. But…seriously, if you’re over the age of 16 your mother should not be doing anything for you when it comes to online dating. You need to sit her down and explain that you are an adult and more than capable of choosing who to contact. If she really balks, starts crying about how you’ve never appreciated all the hard work she’s done for you or how painful giving birth to you was and that she’ll never bake another birthday cake for you again, then offer to let her see the pictures of who you’ve chosen for yourself. Just let her in on what you are doing alone…on your own. Tell her that you’re a big girl, you should be picking your own dates and that you would like chocolate cake for your next birthday.

OK, on one hand, I think this is funny & charming. On the other hand, I think this is intrusive and oversteps the bounds of appropriateness. I agree with Sharon to change your password asap. Is your mother a fun and lively person who just thinks she can pick someone for you better than you? Or, is she controlling and intrusive and is not treating you like an adult? If she is lively and fun and just wants to help, then tell her that you appreciate her efforts but it makes you feel uncomfortable and you will take over from here. If you did not have an online profile — maybe her take charge attitude is what you needed. Thank her. Have a good laugh. And, if you do find your husband this way then it will be a great story for the kids.

If your mother is someone who just wants to control every element of your life, then I am sure she is overstepping her bounds in all areas of your life. If this is the case, then I think you need to sit down and have a serious discussion with her about boundaries. Make the distinction that you love her, but you have to be your own person. If she resists, then you have to 1) Take specific steps to stop this and separate your lives, or 2) consider going to a few sessions to a therapist who can moderate the discussions between you and your mom so you can address this issue specifically and with productive results. Good Luck!

Who should make the first date plans? I always feel awkward about this. I have ideas but don’t want the guy to think I am controlling or taking a lead position. But, some men are so wishy washy about what to do.

I admit it, I can be a control freak and like to make plans and take charge. I know I have to stop this — especially with men and in dating situations. I have to trust that the guy can actually make plans for a date. Let the guy suggest getting together. Let them suggest what to do. For a first date, coffee, drinks or dinner are normal. He may ask you if you have a suggestion. At this point, you can say that you are open and hopefully he will pick a place that is convenient for you. If the place is NOT convenient for you, it is perfectly OK to tell him nicely that you prefer a different location, place or food. But, if your schedule is such that meeting at a specific location will suit you better, then it is perfectly fine to say, “I will be getting home from an appointment at 7:30pm but I could meet you at 8:15pm at a place near me (name place) … if that would work for you and then the evening won’t start too late.” More than likely, he will be fine with that.

Some women want to take the lead. And other women prefer the guy to take the lead. These days, the guy may not know which you prefer so he may sound reluctant or hesitate. Let the man take the lead but if you detect he needs some suggestions …. then provide a recommendation. You don’t have to make it look like you are taking over, which could be a turn-off initially.

Yes…Mariann is a planning control-freak. Trust me I know this – I’ve seen her eight page emails detailing every aspect of a group outing she’s planned…right down to what kind of underwear that we should be sporting….BUT we love her anyway…LOL. I really don’t think that suggesting a good first date/meeting place is too controlling (giving your date a minute-by-minute itinerary of the entire date…including topics of conversation and allowable number of embarrassing bodily noises….now that’s controlling). It shows the guy that your interested enough in him to want to put some effort into the planning. It also takes some pressure off him to be “cool creative dude” who can read a woman’s mind and know exactly what she wants to do.

I’ve had more than one male friend tell me that they are flattered by a woman suggesting (note I said suggesting, not insisting) a place for a first date. A few have even said that they find this kind of sexy. So I say, go for it. If you have a favorite place for a first date then put that idea on the table. Your date will find you fun, charming and possibly very sexy!

DATE FOR PAY – But Who Pays?

I hate guys who are cheap with the dollar. There, I said it. I can understand careful and responsible. But, when it comes to paying for dates, I think the man should pay. It is the gentlemanly thing to do especially if he initiated the invitation to go out.

Yes, I understand it is the 21st century and woman and men are equal. But are they? Recent reports show that single women earn 82 cents to every dollar earned by a man. And, if you are a working mother then it is even less. So, perhaps we are still not as equal as we all had hoped. And yet, when it comes to intellect, capability, sense of humor, athletic ability, and talent … yes, we are equal.

But, the fact of nature dictates that men and women are different. And, when it comes to dating, it is not about equality. It is about respect, courtship and understanding the differences.

Men, by nature and gender, take a leadership role in society. And, I think it is OK to let a man pursue you. Let him earn your time and respect and affection. It is OK for them to work for it, but then again, men do like a challenge.

A woman allowing a man to pay for dinner does not mean she is weak or not independent. A woman offering to pay for a date does not mean she is controlling or wants to take the lead. It is purely about reciprocating kindness or generosity.

I, by nature, have been told that I am too generous. This is true. I have to fight myself to not grab the bill. I also realize that I cannot take away that treat of a dinner or drinks from the man.

It is hard to find a delicate balance in these times to determine who pays for a date and when.

For me, someone who is cheap can also mean they are cheap with their generosity and heart and I don’t want that. I also don’t want someone who squanders their money as they will waste their money, time and heart on unimportant things.

I want a man who is going to honor me, respect me, want to show me that I mean something important to him and he is willing to work for it. I want a man who knows his place and is sophisticated enough to know how to handle a situation with subtlety and awareness. This is not a one sided relationship. Women have their own ways to show men that they are interested, do care and have love to share. Again, not equal but different.

After awhile, it ceases to become about who pays for a date or not. It is about kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness, sincerity and wanting to please the person you love. And, in showing this, the reciprocity of how you do that is what leads to the delicate balance in the relationship.

But, starting a relationship can be tricky. So, I have a rule. I let the guy pay for the first 2 dates. If I like him, I will pay for the 3rd or make the invitation to do something which would result in me bearing the financial burden of the invitation.

I keep on that cycle for a couple of months and then I just let things progress organically.

I don’t need someone to pay for me but if someone is always willing to let me pay and does not want to reciprocate kindness, then that person is not for me.

I had an experience once where I dated someone for a couple of months. We went to a pricey dinner show in the city around the holidays. I said I would pay for the ticket portion of the evening. Leaving my date to pick up the dinner. We arrived all dressed up and ready for a fun evening. My date told me to order the pricey price-fixed instead of the cheaper a la carte. He ordered me a lot of champagne. When the check came, the waitress gave it to him. He looked at it. I said, “I have it … the money ….” And he promptly handed me the bill and said, “Well thank you very much.” Not one more glance. Not one offer to help. Not one offer to even pay the tip. What I was about to say was, “I have the money for the tickets.” I was holding the cash ready to give it to him. He had to have noticed that I then had to go searching for my credit card and paid in a combo of cash and credit card. I was so stunned and shocked and did not know how to react. Clearly my generous nature was taken advantage of for sure.

I guess what really bugged me about this was that he should not feel that comfortable letting me pay such a high bill without at least offering to help in someway. And, he also knew there was a real possibility that I would lose my job the following month and that to pay such a hefty “night out on the town” bill was a burden. But he did not have the awareness or the concern or sensitivity that is needed in keeping that delicate balance in a relationship.

Here is the kicker … he called me a year later (we had broken up shortly after that evening) and told me he bought his new girlfriend a watch that was on sale for $1600. I wanted to yell, “Look #&@!, you owe me $450 for the dinner from last year.” Obviously, I did not. But, I was relieved to not be in a relationship that did not have all the elements it needed to work and find that delicate balance.

How do you handle dating, who pays, when and how do you let that progress? Any great stories to illustrate there are true gentlemen out there? Any funny or horror stories we can all identify with in our own dating life? Please share … we love your feedback!


Recession Dating

It’s no secret that the economy is in terrible condition. People are out of jobs, earning less money, losing their homes and suffering from the stress of a difficult financial environment.

Regardless who pays for a date, times are tough and it becomes hard to nurture and pursue your future love when you are lacking money. What is a man to do?

It is a humbling experience for everyone. But, there are ways to search for your love and be entertained without a lot of money.

Some suggestions that have arisen are wine tastings at a Liquor store, perusing art galleries, free concerts in the park, an inexpensive picnic, hiking and of course, a bottle of 2 buck chuck and a video.


Some of my female friends claim they will not date a guy without a job. I think this is harsh. In this environment, too many intelligent, sharp and well-educated people are searching for employment. What is more important is ambition and how one deals with unemployment. Is the person actively pursuing a job and thinking outside the box? Or, are they hanging around the house watching the last season of Oprah THINKING about possibly looking for a job? Or, are they sulking and toasting at their own pity party. I prefer the guy who looks forward with resolve, determination and a positive attitude.

Men so identify themselves with their job that it goes to the core of who they are and this can be a devastating blow to their ego, wallets and self-esteem. I personally find women do not tie their identity a job as much as men do and therefore, they seem to rebound a bit quicker.

When the economy turns around, we will not have to ponder these issues so readily. But, in the meantime, please share your economically restrained ideas for a date.

While the economy and employment markets may be letting us down, you can’t give up on love!

Share your stories. We would love to hear them.


Reconnecting with your intuition

This week we have a guest post by our friend, relationship expert Maryanne Comaroto!

Have you ever met someone for the first time, and within a few seconds of meeting them, you got a gut feeling about them and felt your body either opening up to them, or closing off? That “belly brain,” or intuition, is a powerful information filtering system that uses your senses to make judgements about new people and new situations. It measures all kinds of data, and tunes you in to everything you need to know about a person. It can tell you if this person is dangerous or safe, angry or kind, aggressive or shy. It measures things like a person’s walk, their conversation style, their body language, and their movements in order to make assessments. It all happens very quickly – if you are paying attention, you can know within about 30 seconds whether you are in a good or bad situation, and whether you should continue or get the heck out of there. The body makes this judgement call based on empirical data, and it never lies about its findings.

However, within milliseconds the information then gets passed on to the brain, where it undergoes a second, less accurate filtering process. This time around, the incoming data from the other person gets compared to your brain’s internal database of past experiences. You have a huge amount of information in your mind regarding speech patterns, behavior recognition, common references, and a whole host of other ways in which you can categorize this new person. Once the brain finds some labels to stick on this person based on your historical data, your body will respond by expanding or contracting. This is where we can start to have problems, because the brain is not always as honest or accurate as the intuition when it comes to making an assessment.

Our brains are not only full of past experiences, but also with learned and acquired beliefs that have built up over time into knee-jerk defense mechanisms that work like safety barriers to try to protect us. Men who drive up in an old, rusty car are losers; women with bleached hair and fake boobs are uneducated and shallow; men in Italian suits are successful and ambitious; quiet women who wear glasses are intelligent and trustworthy. While this second phase of filtering can provide you with some useful information, it can also be misleading, particularly if the true intuition disagrees with the assessment, and the brain chooses to override the intuition regardless.

You might think it silly that the brain’s fallible decision-making process would override the intuition’s flawless one, but it happens all the time. Think back to your last breakup. Can’t you look back now and say, “well yeah, I kind of knew in my gut that things weren’t right, even when we were still together”? That’s your intuition at work. The belly brain always knows. But your mind, in an effort to avoid pain in the short term, overrides the intuition and tells you what it wants you to hear, whatever will smooth things over so that it doesn’t have to feel pain right at this moment. In order to get past this tendency to believe the brain over the belly, you have to relearn how not to rely solely on the brain’s second-hand information. I’m sure you can think of many instances when you brain has told you things that have ultimately led to heartache, when your intuition had been right all along, but you just didn’t listen. As it turns out, the brain is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master. Your intuition needs to be in the driving seat with the brain riding shotgun, not the other way around.

So why do we so often get it wrong, and let our flawless intuition be bullied by the rationalizations of our brains? This, my darlings, is the cry of the divine feminine, and this is why it is so essential that we wake up and find this larger universal truth within each one of us! So much writing has been devoted to explaining the death of intuition, but for now I’ll just say that we will continue to make harmful decisions until we learn to wake up and pay attention to it.

If you sit and look back at all your old body-versus-brain situations, you’ll quickly see who is smarter. Next week in Part Two, we’ll talk about how to reconnect with the belly brain, and how to recover the ability to be heart-smart!

Maryanne will be teaching a live video webinar on how to “inner-view” potential dates or mates BEFORE you agree to a date or relationship. She’ll be featuring a very eligible bachelor and showing participants the best questions to ask and how to respond, live, on the fly, in real time! Sign up here:

Defensive Dating

Defensive Dating..Staying Safe OnlineMost people I talk to are fascinated by the concept of online dating. I get questions upon questions about what it’s like, is it fun, is it frustrating, can you really meet someone this way. The answer to all of these questions is “yes”. The other question I often hear is, “Is it really safe to meet strangers from the internet?” The answer to this one is – it’s up to you to make it as safe as you possibly can.

There are some basic safety guidelines for meeting dates from online sites. Online Dating Magazine has an excellent article about online dating safety tips that’s a must read if you’re starting out in the online dating arena and even if your an old pro. The internet sometimes gives us a false sense of security as we type away, sending emails to perfect strangers. It’s easy to forget that you really don’t know the person at the other end of that electronic connection. Even those of us who’ve been meeting people online for awhile can tend to forget that as we start communicating with new people.

The points in Online Dating Mag’s article are good ones and easy to keep in mind. First and foremost is to trust your instinct…listen to that little voice in your head that’s setting off an alarm bell or two. Realistically, most people on the dating sites are not crazy axe murderers but the sad statistic is that up to 30% of people dating online are married and you do find your share of folks who are in need of serious therapy. You can usually pick these unsavory types out pretty quickly if you trust your instincts.

Keeping a separate email for online dating is also a good idea, as well as not giving out your home phone number until you’ve met and gotten to know one another well. I’m in the habit of storing online match’s numbers in their own folder on my cell phone – when they call their name pops up on the phone so I know exactly who is calling.

The rest of the tips are basically common sense points such as not giving away too much information about yourself upfront. This of course can be hard to do when you feel a connection to someone you just started emailing with. It helps to keep in mind that, if this person is “the one” and the emails lead to a long-term relationship, then you’ll have months and years even to share all the details of your life.

It’s also wise to meet for the first time in a well-lit public place – basically a good old-fashioned rule of personal safety. I’d add that you should make sure that your car is also parked in a well-lit, well-traveled area.

Yes, there are wonderful, sincere people dating online…I’ve met many of them – they’re there. The key is to be smart and safe as you’re out there searching for them.

How do you stay safe online? I’d love to hear your tips.

Bucking the trend.

My friend Mariana recently emailed me a link to a NY Times article about online dating. It discussed a somewhat alarming (to me anyway) trend in online dating – a lack of chivalry, and occasionally downright cruelty in the world of cyberdating. I found this sort of unsettling because I can see some of this in my latest travels through the dating sites. Luckily, not the cruel part. I do at least have the ability to “read between the lines” of a profile to get the sense of whether a man is a gentleman or not. I think lots of other women can’t or don’t do this.

As the Times article goes on to say, we find ourselves and who we’re looking for in a mate reduced to a series of check boxes…what religions are you willing to date? What hair color do you want in a date? What body type? What kinds of movies, food, clothing, vacations, body type, eye color, blah-blah-blah MUST you have in your ideal mate. Given that, most dating profiles get little to no response because…they have brown eyes, not blue? Or they don’t like to go kayaking on the weekends? Apparently, this is the case. Profiles get no response or, worse, a negative response. The anonymity of the web tends to make many of us forget our manners.

After a two and half year break from online dating I’m now finding that profiles I read are getting longer and more specific about the minutia of details that must be had in a date. Impossible standards for even the most casual of coffee dates.

Depressing to ponder this trend. Of course, since I’m known to be nauseatingly upbeat and Pollyanna-ish (my friends tell me this all the time…while rolling their eyes in patient exasperation) I am going to try to beat this trend. You see, I read another article awhile back (sorry I don’t have a link to it as I’ve forgotten where I read it) that explained how profiles that said very little about the person tended to get more response as they were more intriguing….AH! MYSTERY!! I’m betting that something as old-fashioned and un-trendy as a little mystery just might turn the tables. Because after all isn’t that what dating…I mean actually physically going out with someone and having a conversation is about? Getting to know each other slowly, finding those similarities and differences that make us each unique?

I’m going to whittle my profile down to a few interesting points and details and then, well…I’ll let you know what happens.

How Old Is Too Old?

The men I date tend to be anywhere from two to five years older than I am. I heard on the news the other day that in the best, most successful relationships, the man is five years older than the woman and the woman is 27% smarter than the man. I’m pretty smart so according to whatever study came up with the above statistics (including the peculiar 27%) I should be on the right track…which is sort of starting to scare me.

I’m not old, I’m not in my twenties anymore but I don’t have a foot in the grave either, however, the men I’ve been meeting lately are starting to seem REALLY, REALLY old even though the are in the requisite five year range. It’s little things, like waaay more gray hair in person than in the profile pix. Sometimes it’s the extra crows feet and jiggly chin wattles. I met a man for coffee last week, “Mike-The-Cop”, nice man …really…but….he kept forgetting what I’d said to him over the phone the day before. Once he even forgot that I had a son in his twenties….whom I’d been telling him about not ten minutes before. Am I getting that old? I can still recall what I talked about ten minutes ago. That’s a good sign, right?

A degenerating ability to hear correctly is another frightening trend. I was on the phone with another match, “Harry”, making plans to meet for drinks and possibly dinner. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Why don’t we meet at Winberries in Ridgewood? The bar area’s comfortable and if we decide to stay the food is really good.

Harry: OK. I know where Ridgewood is. It’s Wunneries?

Me: No, Winberries.

Harry: Huh? What? WINEries?

Me: No, WinBERRIES…like a strawBERRY? W – I – N -B – E – R – R – I – E – S.

Harry: Oh. Uh. Whinnies?

Me: No…W…as in wind.

Harry: W

Me: Yes. I – N -B – E – R – R – I – E – S.

Harry: W – A – N -E – E – R -I – E – S.

Me: No …HARRY…listen. ( I speak slowly and deliberately, while suppressing the urge to scream) W – I – N -B – E – R – R – I – E – S.

Harry: W – I – N -B – E – R – R – I – E – S. OH…WINberries!

Me: YES!

Harry: OK, now what’s the address.

I will spare you the rest of the conversation.

Perhaps I should start dating younger men. Let’s see, if the man is five years YOUNGER and the woman is, let’s say 46.5% smarter than he is, will that be a statistically good match? I don’t know..but let’s have some fun with this. Please take the following poll to help me decide. Results will be published in an upcoming post.

[polldaddy poll=2965995]