Body Sounds – Natural or Disgusting?

Yes, I know, we are all human and we make sounds and have the same body functions. But why oh why are some people more obsessed about it and why do they bring more attention to it?

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Look, we all burp and sigh and exhale gas and that annoying sound or smell can be noticed and IS embarrassing. When it happens, I try not to make a big deal out of it for myself or the person I am with.

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But, some people choose to bring attention to it and even highlight it. Why? Do they think it is sexy? Annoying? Are they trying to say they are human too?

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But recently, I have been around dates that are so open about their bodily functions, sounds and smells, that they leave nothing to the imagination and there is no sense of modesty. Now look, we have all been there when we eat something we perhaps should not on a date and the person’s breath smells or they exhale a smelly gas. I understand it is embarrassing. If I sense they are, I will make nothing of it and move on. But, some people seem to wear their sounds and smells like a badge of honor.

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For those who think it is … I am here to tell you … It is not. It kills romance and it is not sexy. There is enough time to become comfortable. Why destroy the mystery too soon?

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If you think the humor of it will diffuse embarrassment — think again! It won’t. It is one thing to apologize or make a comment but it is another thing to make a circus out of it.

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So, think twice before you say anything. Because by speaking you could take something natural and make it disgusting. Don’t. It will help you in your dating life! Let me know if I am right … or wrong!

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