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Sexy Board Games

Sexy Board Games rule in the bedroom! Have you tried it? Well, if you have not, then I strongly recommend you break out the sexy board game and have a little fun at the roll of the dice or the spin of the wheel. Not sure what to do in the bedoom? That is OK. Just open up your mind and play a few games and I think you will quickly be won over by the fun and sexiness of enjoying yourself.

Sexy Board Games Are Good To Try

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Yes, you may be in love and are attracted to  your partner, but that doesn’t mean your bedroom activities don’t need to be stirred up in the bedroom. It is time to have a little fun and enjoy yourself. It’s OK. So allow yourself the freedom to be able to do that. My writing partner, Sharon Sommerhalter and I have written a book, THE MAN PLAN – A Guy’s Guide To Planning The Perfect Date. In this book, we outline fun date ideas you can have with your love and incorporate some of the saucy games that are not limited to Milton Bradley!

Read THE MAN PLAN – A Guy’s Guide To Planning The Perfect Date

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You want specifics, don’t you. OK, that is what we are here for. You can certainly visit any sex shop in your area and they will not only have videos and aides, but they will have games that you can bring home. All you have to do is google sexy board games and up will come a plethora of options that will make you giggle with possibilities. Here is a list of websites to try:

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Lingerie Diva:

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Boardgame Central:

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Suggestions from MORE Magazine:

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Deep Memories:

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These are just a few of the outlets you can go to for something fun to share with your love!

 Make It An Ultra Erotic Night

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I would expand on the theme of the night. Don’t limit it to a sexy board game. Make sure to buy a few toys that make it fun from a pretty boa to sensous massage oils to an intriguing sex toy. Make the whole evening fun and erotic and sensual. Want to make sure there are some sumptuous desserts? Why not order an erotic dessert and have it ready for your after game activities? It will be a sweet ending to a wonderfully sexy and sensual evening. Here are a few links to try for erotic desserts:

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Erotic Bakery:

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5 Sexy Homemade desserts:

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Erotic Cookies:

 Give Yourself Freedom To Have Fun

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Don’t overthink things and just have fun. Plan a surprise or pick the games and desserts together. It is your call.  But either way, it will be a fun and lucky night.

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