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Date Planning Outside The Box

Dating is critical in developing a relationship. But, date planning is just as important. Challenge yourself and try planning a date outside the box. Try putting a different spin on a familiar idea. Regardless of whether you have been dating for a month, a year or 5 years, it is always beneficial and fun to amp up your date planning. Just keeping thinking “how can I do date planning outside the box?”

Try It – Date Planning Outside The Box !

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I know it can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. We can walk you through the thought process. First think of something fun your love likes to do. Then, think of how you can add a twist to planning a date around what they like. Then think about how you can execute your idea simply and within a reasonable budget.

Put An Unique Twist On An Age Old Idea

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Is your girlfriend an old movie buff? Instead of finding a movie on Netflix or Hulu, find a cinema that plays old movies and take her to a little French café before or a speakeasy type bar afterward. Or, download the movie to your iPad and set up a nighttime picnic in your backyard with some wine, cheese and a rose and lay under the stars while you watch her favorite old movie.

Ask Yourself How You Can Change Your Date To Make It More Interesting

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Is your guy a sports fan? Instead of heading out to the same old sports bar on a Sunday night, get some tickets to see one of his favorite teams. If that is a bit pricey, get tickets to a minor league team and surprise him. Afterward, celebrate at a restaurant that specializes in craft beer and munch on fried pickles, pretzel bites with a beer cheese dipping sauce and a cold draft beer!

Plan A Fun Event With Your Friends Too

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Do you both love wine and dream about owning a winery but can’t afford it just quite yet? No problem. Gather your friends and sign up for a place like CA Wine Works where you can learn about wine, how to blend it and even create your own label. It’s fun and a great bonding experience with your friends. And, you can specialize the label to represent your love for each other.

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Take any date that you want to plan and change the venue or how it is executed or what you can do to make it more fun, interesting or unique.

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Couples Bond over Budget Entertainment

This week, we have a guest post from Sarah Brooks.

Entertainment options are nearly endless, reflecting personal tastes ranging from pedestrian interests to daredevil pursuits redefining what it means to have fun. Fine-dining, travel, and musical entertainment provide familiar entertainment options, which appeal to a wide variety of couples. Unfortunately, life’s finer pleasures come with price tags attached, which can sometimes lead to hiccups in new relationships.

Affordable fun is within reach for fun-loving couples willing to make adjustments, taking advantage of entertainment promotions and specials. Whether your tastes run toward exclusive or down-home, these money saving tips tap low budget strategies for enjoying each other’s company – without draining your bank accounts.

Art and Culture on a Dime

Art galleries and museums are excellent entertainment opportunities priced well-below the value they provide. Art-sellers, for example, exhibit works endlessly at free events, which sometimes furnish snacks and drinks. Larger art museums are underwritten by government funding and private endowments, so even attractions with admission fees are within the scope of a cheap date.

Outdoor events are particularly rewarding excursions for couples leaning on low-budget summer entertainment. Art fairs and local festivals sponsored by churches and community organizations provide worthy distractions as well, sometimes centered around local tourist attractions and parks.

Architectural features and other landmarks singling out your city or region are equally as engaging for residents, furnishing interesting sidebars without big spending.

Walk it Out

Adopting full scale tourist tactics is fun for couples taking organized tours of their towns, or of its individual hallmarks like breweries, zoos, and public parks. But even a self-inspired stroll to nowhere in particular can be an inspiring leisure event for couples on a budget.

Seasonal attractions like changing fall colors are free amusement, to be enjoyed alongside other attractions within walking distance. Couples on bikes enjoy the same leisure pace, without spending money, expanding the scope of their adventures to destinations further away.

Dining Deals spur Entertainment Savings

Going out to eat is a quintessential date experience, providing some of the earliest shared memories for many couples. Early in the courtship, traditional roles have men picking up the tab, playing the parts of responsible suitors. But as things get a little more comfortable between couples, a shared sense of responsibility develops, for keeping entertainment spending within affordable limits.

Regardless of which partner makes the effort, uncovering budget dining options is within reach for couples trimming dining budgets. Since there are so many options, the Internet is a great start for landing cheap and delicious food. Restaurant operators work with online promotions agencies, offering exclusive savings for diners who find their establishments on the World Wide Web. Since many of the incentives target first-time visitors, offers are particularly generous.

Dining can be hit and miss, so throwing yourself at the mercy of daily food specials doesn’t always lead to the tastiest cuisine. Fortunately, the web has users covered from that angle too, providing customer reviews of restaurant experiences. With a few clicks, you’ll uncover dining alternatives that pass muster in reputation and value, leading you to offers and specials at eateries worth trying.

Loyalty programs for diners are growing in popularity, so as you develop favorites together, make sure you are on email lists and rewards programs. Operators know the value of repeat business, so they are willing to ease the burden for returning patrons and regular customers, extending two-for-one offers and other perks.

This is a guest post by Sarah Brooks from She is a Houston based freelance writer and blogger. Questions and comments can be sent to brooks.sarah23 @

Recession Dating

It’s no secret that the economy is in terrible condition. People are out of jobs, earning less money, losing their homes and suffering from the stress of a difficult financial environment.

Regardless who pays for a date, times are tough and it becomes hard to nurture and pursue your future love when you are lacking money. What is a man to do?

It is a humbling experience for everyone. But, there are ways to search for your love and be entertained without a lot of money.

Some suggestions that have arisen are wine tastings at a Liquor store, perusing art galleries, free concerts in the park, an inexpensive picnic, hiking and of course, a bottle of 2 buck chuck and a video.


Some of my female friends claim they will not date a guy without a job. I think this is harsh. In this environment, too many intelligent, sharp and well-educated people are searching for employment. What is more important is ambition and how one deals with unemployment. Is the person actively pursuing a job and thinking outside the box? Or, are they hanging around the house watching the last season of Oprah THINKING about possibly looking for a job? Or, are they sulking and toasting at their own pity party. I prefer the guy who looks forward with resolve, determination and a positive attitude.

Men so identify themselves with their job that it goes to the core of who they are and this can be a devastating blow to their ego, wallets and self-esteem. I personally find women do not tie their identity a job as much as men do and therefore, they seem to rebound a bit quicker.

When the economy turns around, we will not have to ponder these issues so readily. But, in the meantime, please share your economically restrained ideas for a date.

While the economy and employment markets may be letting us down, you can’t give up on love!

Share your stories. We would love to hear them.