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Crazy Stupid Love – They got it right

I was in Los Angeles visiting one of my best friends a few years ago. He had seen and already told me about the movie, “Crazy Stupid Love”, and how wonderful it is. I have to admit, all I hear is Blah Blah Blah. One night during my vacation, which includes visiting him, he suggests seeing “Crazy Stupid Love” and admits that he loved it so much he would see it again.

 Renting CRAZY STUPID LOVE Makes a Great Casual Date

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I think twice when a guy offering to see a movie twice that is not an action movie is pretty big. So, we reserve our seats online and make our way to the theater.

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I have to say right now that this may be my new favorite movie. It got it all right and provided twists and turns that were unexpected and not anticipated. That is huge.

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The crux of the movie revolves around a couple whose marital woes have gotten them into a tricky situation. But, what I love about this movie is, aside from its ability to tell a story, be funny and capture human nature; it speaks of the dreaded word “soul mate.” I hate the word soul mate, but after this movie, I totally get the understanding.

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Basically, it preaches that if you meet your soul mate, you not only know it but you will fight fight fight for that relationship because that person is part of you and provides the U in US.

STAY CONNECTED – Don’t Lose the U in US

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I finally found a movie that expresses how important it is to stay true to finding your soul mate.

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One line I love from the movie is during a discussion between the soon to be ex-husband and he turns to his wife and says, “when did we stop becoming us? I have always loved you … but at some point, I stopped trying.”

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I think those 2 lines capture what befalls most couples that end up in divorce. Basically, if you stay focused on US the couple, then you will survive. If you don’t give up your relationship then you will always try to make sure that person feels special.

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Once you take your love mate for granted, then it is only a matter of time before he/she walks away in disgust. You need to fight for what you want and show the world that your love is worth fighting for!

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Do we all have a soul mate? YES

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Do we have more than one soul mate? YES

Soul Mates need to work on their relationship too!

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Mix things up and try things that are foreign to you. Plan a romantic night out that shows your loved one how special they are and incorporate those passions or elements that are representative of you as a couple. You can never stop trying to show the person you love that you are always there for them and will be in the future and you are focused, ALWAYS, on US!

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Now go out a plan a great date for your sweetie! Or rent Crazy Stupid Love and have a sexy night in.

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He Wrote WHAT??

“I don’t know why you would contact me? I know our profile says we are 93% compatible, but you are a Catholic and I am a reformed Protestant and I only want to be with someone who is also Reformed.”
<<Well, it sure would have been nice if you said that in your profile.>>

Thank you for writing. But, I only want to date someone who is within 10 miles of where I live. You live outside the area I want to travel to.”
<<Then, why did you indicated you would travel 50 miles on your profile? And are you really that lazy that you can’t drive more than 10 miles to find love? Good riddance>>

<<Ugh … no thanks!>>

“Let’s hookup.”
<<No. Let’s hook you up to some shock therapy. Maybe then you will learn to send appropriate emails.>>

“Where is your photo dude?”
<<I am not a dude>>

“Thank you for your smile and email. I am glad you liked my profile and got the true sense of who I was.”
<<I am fine. Thanks for asking. I like long walks on the beach and beautiful sunsets. Thanks for asking. And, I like dogs and red wine. Thanks for asking. Yep, I got the true sense of who you are alright.>>

“Have you found anyone on this site?”
<<Ugh … well, if I had, I would have my profile up and looking for someone now would I? Just sayin … “>>

“Hmmmm, you’re pretty. I can’t believe you’ve never been married.”
<<Well, with charm like that I know why you were never married.>>

“Thanks for your email. I just met someone and we’ve gotten serious so I want to give it a shot. Good Luck in your search.”
<<Thanks. But, I’d like to ask why you are online constantly every day if you met someone you are so serious about? And, why even write me with a lie? Just askin … >>

“How about we get to know each other?”
<Great. Why don’t you start by asking a question and writing more than 8 words to start off getting to know each other>>


What are these guys thinking? Apparently, they are not. I shake my head when I read some mundane, self-centered, ignorant and lazy responses.

This is a dating site where you supposedly trying to get to know someone. Ask questions. Give them a compliment. Show a bit of who you are … you charm, intelligence, wit and interest. You owe it to yourself and having a decent relationship to do that.

Come on, you don’t have to be a literary genius. But, try just being normal and starting a conversation without getting weird or inappropriate.

I have seen the trend towards these kinds of responses. I hope this turns around.

Has anyone had any experience that is similar? Men, have you had odd responses from women? We would love to hear them!!

Good Luck!

Thanks, Mariann

Why Is That Man Sucking On A Fish?

I’ve noticed an alarming (Well, to me anyway) trend in online dating profile pictures. Where once I would find a smiling headshot and perhaps a full-length shot or two (one in jeans or something equally casual and maybe one in a suit, i.e. “See, I clean up good”), I’m now finding a slew of obviously posed action shots. Are they meant to tell a story? I’m assuming, yes.

I’ve concluded that the theme of this story is “I may be over 40, but I’m not in a wheelchair yet, baby”. Recently, on one profile alone, I found pictures of this man swimming, skiing, riding a dirt bike, golfing, and doing something that looked like jogging. Wow, it made me wonder when this person found time to date!

I’ve seen many a profile lately with at least one or two photos of the profile writer doing something athletic, usually outdoors, along with a lengthy description of how “in shape” he is and how he’s looking for a “physically active” partner, or someone who enjoys “outdoor activities”. Seriously? I may just be getting too cynical for my own good but all I can picture is meeting this man, going on a single hike or boat outing with him and then discovering he really prefers sitting in front of the TV. C’mon, you’re thinking that too, right?

But wait…there’s more.

Just the other day I saw a photo of a man in his tennis outfit (which was obviously from the 1980’s…OH those short shorts!!) swinging a racket…IN HIS LIVING ROOM. It was a very messy living room too. The clutter covering his couch was enough of a deal breaker for me, the tennis getup was just the icing on the cake of my rejection…LOL

But wait…there’s even more.

Flipping through some profiles, I almost gagged when I saw a (very out-of-focus) shot of a man sucking on a large shiny, metallic looking thing. My reaction was “DEAR GOD! I HOPE THAT’S A TROUT”. Sometimes prayers are answered. On second glance I saw that it was indeed a large fish and he was actually holding it up and kissing it. I will take the high road and assume he was just celebrating a big catch.

I won’t even get into the picture of that guy on OK Cupid, dressed in pink baby doll pajamas….that one almost gave me stress-induced glaucoma.

So, I need to know, are you finding more and more off-the-wall pictures of guys trying too hard, or sharing TMI about their personal peccadilloes with their photos? Maybe it’s just me, with my knack for finding the bizarre, but I hope not.


Pickup lines you should NEVER use…

This video is a hoot! Can’t say I’ve ever been the victim recipient of one of these lines myself…thankfully. Although one man staggered up to me at a bar once and said “Cun I be you dinneh?” followed by a loud burp. I think he was offering to buy me dinner. He was so potted I probably could have scored a sweet Surf n’ Turf meal with all the fixins, without having to converse with the sot for long as he was just about at the passing out point. I chose to take the high road though and answered him in my best nonsense-language: “Neh, ma no unger n u un ijit” (translation: NO, I’m not hungry and you’re an idiot). He grinned, or maybe it was more gas – I’ll never know, said “K, tanks” and staggered away.

Anyway, here’s the vid…enjoy. Or, if you will “ears da vud, joy”.

Video Dating Profile: 2 For The Price Of One

It’s a busy week here for Mariann and I. We’re working on some potentially BIG news for LifeBytes. That, and those pesky day-jobs of ours, hasn’t left much time for dating – let alone blogging. Never fear though, we have a video for your watching pleasure this week.

…and we  DARE you, yes even Double-Dog Dare you to watch this without laughing your adorable selves silly!!

Sharon :)

Rerun: The World’s Biggest Candy Store

This is a post I originally ran about two years ago. The email exchange still cracks me up…..and YES, this is the actual email convo that I had.

With so many singles dating online it’s hard to not be picky, and it’s so easy to carry that to an extreme. If this person is good the next will be sooo much more perfect!! Here you are, you’ve found the girl who likes the same movies that you do, enjoys philosophical conversations and has the looks and bod that you’ve been dreaming about since you were 13 and realized that there’s more to life than playing street hockey. Excitedly, you read her profile further. NO, it can’t be! She’s a New England Patriot’s fan. How can you, a die-hard Giants fan even consider meeting such a tasteless chick… you can’t. And so you move on to the next profile without a thought to the possibility that you’ve maybe just cyber-dissed the mother of your future children.

Those of you who’ve never dated online are reading this and shaking your heads, “no, she’s exaggerating, that can’t be true”, and all you online daters are saying “Yup, uh huh, you’re right on the money.” It’s like that old Seinfeld episode where Elaine breaks up with a man because she doesn’t like the way he eats peas. I sometimes wish that Seinfeld were still airing, I’d love to see that gang dealing with online dating.

Oh wait, we don’t need Seinfeld, the real world of online dating is so much more fun than watching sitcom reruns. Sometimes you don’t even need to meet the person to know that they’re channeling Jerry or Elaine. Here’s an email experience that I had a while back. Anything similar happen to you?

From: NewAgeAdonis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
Subject: alert: NewAgeAdonis has winked at you!
To: Creativegal(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

NewAgeAdonis just winked at you! Out of millions of members, he picked you! Flirt back right away with a wink, or better yet, an intriguing email.

For the uninitiated, a “Wink” is a quick way to let someone know that you’ve seen their profile. This spares the “winker” the annoyance of having to actually string some English words together into a coherent sentence. Normally I would have deleted a mere wink, but NewAgeAdonis’s profile looked interesting. So I forged on:

From: Creativegal(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
Subject: Thanks for the Wink!
To: NewAgeAdonis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Hi NewAgeAdonis,
Can I just call you “New”…? LOL. I took a look at your profile and I see that we have a few things in common. Like you I also enjoy creative pursuits and outdoor activities. What is your fav thing to do outdoors? Do you enjoy theater, museums, etc? So hard to know what to write after just a “wink”. Please write and let me know what intrigued you about my profile. Maybe I can answer some of your burning questions.

From: NewAgeAdonis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
Subject: Hi
To: Creativegal(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Just now had a chance to look at your profile. You seem to have a nice picture of yourself posted. Is it current?

From: Creativegal(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
Subject: You Just NOW looked at my profile?
To: NewAgeAdonis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Didn’t you look at my profile when you winked at me? OK New, are you one of those guys who sends out huge numbers of winks to see if one sticks? Have I been the victim of a “Drive By Winking”…:)?

From: NewAgeAdonis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
Subject: RE: Hi
To: Creativegal(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Sorry, I’m a very busy person and don’t really have time to read through profiles. Nor do I have time for many emails. I would prefer to meet in person but, before we do you should be aware of some very important ground rules that I have.

First, I am an Ovo-Lacto vegetarian. I feel very strongly that eating meat is detrimental to human health and to the survival of the planet. Also, I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and would insist that you not use perfume, skin creams or any type of scented shampoos before our meeting.

From: Creativegal(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
Subject: So Many Rules, So Little Time!!!!!!!
To: NewAgeAdonis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Nut, I mean New. It’s so nice that you are a vegetarian; everyone should have a little hobby to pursue. Do you mind that I’m a Carnivore? It’s OK if we meet at a vegetarian restaurant; I will just bring a slab of raw buffalo meat for myself. Please don’t worry about perfumes or other scented products. I don’t use any of these. In fact, I am a Non-Lavar proponent; I do not bathe … EVER. I believe that water, soap, other cleansers and perfumes are detrimental to the planet and to humans.

I never again heard from NewAgeAdonis…go figure…LOL. Sometimes a little sarcasm is just the most therapeutic way of dealing with dating frustration.


We’ll Have Tons of Fun in Single Hell

Yes, I’m sure that I’ll be going to “Single Hell” when I die. Why? Because I’m a tad snarky when I blog about the Love Interwebz…sometimes….and I’m a FAN of online dating. I’ve met some great guys online, my niece is marrying someone she met online, so there are surely positives about the whole cyber-dating thing.

Of course there are also frustrating, weird, too-overtly-sexual-for-me, sad, and sometimes cruel things that happen online. It’s the fire you have to walk through to reach the romantic sunset.

And this is why singles love (actually NEED) to vent and talk and blog about some of the oddballs we meet online. There are times when we become oddballs ourselves in the online dating wars….Did I actually say/do THAT on a date? WHAT was I thinking?

This is why Mariann and I started the LifeBytes, Real Stories project. Singletons from around the globe have stories to tell and experiences to vent about. It’s how we keep our sanity and senses of humor intact while cruising for love.

On the blog The Absurd And Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl, the author writes about some of the most bizarre late-night dating IM’s EVER in “I’m Pretty Sure I’ll Be Going To Hell For This”. Her verbatim scripts from a horny college student, a conflicted dude who can’t tell a compliment from a criticism, and more had me laughing and…sort of cringing…because I’ve had my share of over-the-top online exchanges. And OH YES…I blogged about them. This is why I’ll surely be consigned to Dating Hell when I shuffle off this mortal coil of coffee dates.

But it’s OK…I’ll be in the great company of other singles. Guys and gals who can regale with stories from the dating trenches. Stories of wackadoo emails and IM’s from the comedy trenches, and tales of coffee dates gone to the dogs.

What’s you’re favorite “out-there” tale from the interwebz of online dating? Please tell …you can join us in Hell….where we’ll be consigned to “speed-date” for the rest of eternity! Muaaaahahahahaha…