Dating a Star Trek Geek

I have dated the bad guy, the good guy, and pretty much every type in between. OK, so I go for the nice guy, but that won’t be news to our readers. But, I think my new year’s resolution is going to date more geeks. Geeks are a bit quirky but there are benefits to dating one. I love biographies, comedies and love stories. Not so long ago, I met someone who is very techie — there is nothing he didn’t know or couldn’t fix. But, he loved everything about Star Trek — he was a Star Trek Geek. I admit it, I saw a couple of episodes with William Shattner, but allegedly, there are new series and all kinds of Star Trek movies. :-) I was introduced to a few, but I still love my romantic comedies and dramas!

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His birthday came around and he was not a materialistic person and not into all the trappings of life. I was thinking a spa appointment but his face scrunched up really funny to make me re-think that decision. He had one weakness … STAR TREK. I kept getting Star Wars and Star Trek mixed up — he hated that. He was a true Star Trek purist. His passion about Star Trek was so over the top, that I realized, I had to get him something Star Trek centric. But where to go? I discovered What a find this site was. It had every type of Star Trek paraphenalia you can imagine from common and affordable to rare — and still affordable. I ordered a few items from StarTrekGeeks and hoped for the best.

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We went to a great Irish pub for dinner and I then bestowed his Star Trek goody bag upon him. His face lit up. I think he was just so happy that I did not get Star War items. LOL. ;-) All the items were a hit and he seemed glad that I listened and actually respected that he had such a passion for something and I thought enough to support that.

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I will not ever be a Star Trek fan, but I was a fan of someone who was and that is what mattered. My StarTrekGeek was cute and sweet and nice and did something so few men do … he asked questions. That alone sent me into the stratosphere … I think it was the Starship Enterprise that took me there! (Do I have that right! :))

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My relationship with my Star Trek Geek did not last, but we remain good friends. Christmas is approaching, and I know I will go back to where I know I will find something special for someone who is now a special (Star Trek loving) friend. Altho, I may throw in something that is Star Wars oriented — just to throw him off just a bit!

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Beam me up Scotty!

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