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Remember Memorial Day

This weekend, the United States celebrates MEMORIAL DAY. This is a day when we honor and remember those  men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. This is not a day about a picnic or having a day off from work. Today is important. Many men and women have sacrificed and made a committment to protect our beloved country and we must remember who have given the greatest sacrifice … their life.

Remember Memorial Day

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Many times the brave people who have fought for our safety and freedom are identified by a number as part of a total of those who have passed. These courageous people are more than a number. They are a son, daughter husband, wife, mom, dad, brother and sister who will no longer be there to celebrate life and family. Many lives will forever be changed because this one person has died. Everyone who knew this person will forever be impacted.

Honor Those Heros Who Have Given Their Life For Our Freedom

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It is not easy to be a soldier. Military men and women put their lives on the line on the battlefield, in the air and on the ocean. They have to overcome their fear and put aside any hesitation and take control and react quickly with any situation that confronts them. This takes brains, courage, faith, rationale and a strong committment to putting nation and others above yourself.

When You See A Soldier – Say THANK YOU To Them For Serving Our Country

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This weekend, please take a moment to say a prayer for those who serve this great nation and for those who have given their life to defend our principles and values. If you are meeting up with family or going on a date, why don’t you make it a point to visit an historical site. Or visit a national cemetary and leave a rose for someone who has passed. Or visit a memorial and pay respects to those whose life were cut short because of their unselfishness to protect and serve our country. Find a way to honor our brave heros.

Visit A National Memorial or Historical Site

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If in NYC, visit the 911 Memorial or the Intrepid Museum. In DC, visit one of the beautiful monuments in our nations capital. Near PA, then visit Gettysburg. Near Honolulu, visit the USS Arizone (pic is from my visit there 2 years ago – an amazing experience). It is our responsibility as citizens to honor and remember those patriotic heros who have gone before us and who have given their lives so we can live the wonderful lives we do in the best country in the world.

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Sharon and I would like to thank everyone who has served our nation. We are forever in your debt. And for those who have passed, please know your sacrifice was not in vein and because of you, we walk free and proud and with gratitude.


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