Courting Has Died – R.I.P.

Why has being “courted” died? I know that sounds corny and old fashioned. Yes, I am sure my friends are laughing now at my “1950’s” thoughts. But, what does courting really mean? It means that someone wants to impress you and illustrate to you that you are important to them and they want you in their life.

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It seems to me that women don’t necessarily expect men to “court” them anymore. I don’t know why. I think us women are making it too easy for men. We are taking the expectation away from them to step up their game and show us that we are special and worthy of their efforts to win our hearts.

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Yes, this might be an unrealistic romantic fantasy. But, I recall stories from my mom, aunts and older cousins who fondly recalled gallant stories of how men went out of their way to let them know that they were the one for them. They took the risk and the responsibility to be vulnerable with their emotions. That takes a lot. They romanced their love interest … and in today’s terms that is just, well … hot!
Instead today, I find women make excuses for what the man is not doing. Aren’t we worth the efforts of the men? Women have their own way of signaling the man that she cares too and her own ways of winning over the heart of the man she loves.

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With technology and the changing times, I don’t think it hurts women or society to take a step back to a simpler time when a man actually “courted” a woman.

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Have you been courted? How did he show it? Do you think courting is or should be dead? Or, is there any chance and hope of bringing it back to life? Let us know.

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