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Plan A Fun Date It’s The Weekend

It’s Friday! Yeah! Plan a fun date, it’s the weekend! Don’t let the weekend go by without planning a fun day or night out with your date. It is so easy to just be passive or lazy and sit on the couch and not move until Sunday night. Don’t do it! Google weekend events or check out the local paper or call some friends and brainstorm a fun evening out.

Plan A Fun Date It’s The Weekend

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Of course, you can always buy our book, THE MAN PLAN™ – A Guy’s Guide To Planning The Perfect Date for over 125 date ideas for you and your honey. We all have busy schedules and get tired. But, do not let the temporary fatigue at the end of the weekend ruin your weekend or stop you from planning a date for the weekend.

Buy THE MAN PLAN – A Guy’s Guide To Planning The Perfect Date

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From trying a new restaurant (stop going to the same old restaurant) to a casual night at a comedy club to going to a lounge with some music, it helps your relationship and your psyche to get out and have some distraction. When you participate in life, you feel envigorated and inspired.

Don’t Be Lazy About Having Fun

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Being active and bonding with your honey can be as simple as a hike, as interesting as taking a cooking class or as relaxing at tapas and drinks at a restaurant overlooking the water.  With a few clicks of a mouse or searches on YELP, you can quickly get an evening or day date planned. Feel like work has fried your brain and your just physically tired? No worries, why not feed your creative soul and strol around a town that has art galleries or if you are in a city, stroll through the cavernous halls admiring artwork or historical items. It certainly will give you a great perspective

It Almost Doesn’t Matter What You Do – Just Don’t Sit Home & Do Nothing

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There is plenty of time when you are dead to do nothing. Your job while you are alive is to make every minute count and to make sure that you spend time with the people you love and who matter to you. Feed your curious mind and creative soul or athletic ambition or even desire for sexy adventures! What is important is that you just DO IT!

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